Stay in touch. Everywhere, anywhere, instantly. FollowMe changes the world of demanding outdoor events. With this service spectators and organizers alike can easily follow the race in real time.

GPS tracker continuously monitors racers' locations. which are then shown in a map.

Online map brings instant insight into the action to both spectators and organizers.

Leaderboard is computed automatically based on data from trackers.



Bring the action of an extreme race to the spectators in real time. FollowMe can handle linear course, elaborate race schemes as well as points race.


Follow the racers in all disciplines. Thanks to unlimited number of virtual control points you will stay on top of the action.

Corporate events

Use the post-event analysis for corporate events, group events and/or in a teambuilding.


Let others know, where you are. Using the tracking function your position is displayed on the map. Emergency functions increase safety.

Another use

FollowMe is versatile and can be used in many situations. Be creative and don't hesitate to contact us with original or unusal situations.