Follow me


Ultratrail and extreme races

Possibility to follow racers and see their position on-line in real time brings the world of racing to the spectators and is an invaluable source of information for the organizers,  photographers and safety team.

Solo adventurers and expeditions

On a long expedition or trip let others know where you are using FollowMe. Thanks to extremely low data consumption you can use the trackers all over the world.

Corporate events

Trackers are suitable for outdoor activities such as cypher games, paintball or LARP. Position data are used for graphic output, all participants get these data either for analysis or as a memory.

Further possibilities

FollowMe has the potential to let you personalize the service to your needs. FollowMe enables also following using an application for mobile phones (with limitation of mobile phones, such as battery life, dimensions, etc.).

Ultratrail and extreme races

Organizer can login into FollowMe application long before planned event, so that he can set up everything in advance. Before the event the trackers are only handed out to participants.
  • Multiple course and categories (men, women, mix, solo, pairs…)
  • Possible reactions to unexpected race situations – penalties, bonuses, time credits, shortcourses
  • Clear pricing, no further costs involved.

Solo adventurers and expeditions

FollowMe continuosly displays your position online on a map, so you can focus on travelling.
  • Long battery life ensures usability also in demanding and long expedition
  • Optional other accessories (e.g. external antenna and/or battery)
  • Organizer can create separate pages for each event/expedition

Corporate events and games

Application is very flexible, so that it can be tailored to your needs. Watch performance and position of teams in real time, manage them or watch managers’ strategy and carry out post-event analysis.
  • Automatic position update in given intervals with no overhead (interval can be from few seconds up to several hours)
  • Grafic output enables easy visualisatoun of the course
  • Recorded track and its export into GPX format enable post-race analysis

Further possibilities

Actually we can track virtually anything, that can bear 65g tracking unit. FollowMe enables tracking using mobile application as well (with all limitations of a mobile phone – battery life, dimensions).
  • Tracking of anything, that can hold tracking unit
  • Thanks to wide setting possibilities the life-time can be extended up to several weeks
  • This solution is focused on special projects and we are ready for significant customization.


Fill in preliminary order and we get back to you. We will tailor the solution to your needs based on the data entered. Specific needs and use of FollowMe write into the Notes field.