Map & Results

Switch between live tracking and results. For finished races the location is not displayed by default, but race can be easily replayed.


Sidebar is showing live results. Click on any racer or his checkbox to select him for replay. Race replay controls then appear at the bottom of the page.

Race replay

Start replay using the replay controls at the bottom of the page. Click on racers' markers to display additional details.

Racer card

Click on 'Display racer card' to get full racer details. Race card opens in a new tab.

Social media

Some racers have supplied their social media handles. These are displayed next to their name. Click social media icons and follow Emma Pooley.

Partner logos

Promote race partners on the tracking platform, add any text, image, video or HTML. Logos change with every refresh. Click the logo to follow the link or share the tracking page on your social media.


Click on any checkpoint and times appear in the sidebar.