Smart solution

Easy to use

FollowMe does not require intervention from the organizer. We will set up everything important before the race. The trackers just turn on on the spot and you can start.

We save costs

No additional hardware, no additional operator. Measurements will be provided by virtual controls. The system can be supplemented free of charge with a simple chip measurement. A single system is thus sufficient for the complete organization of the plant, which means cost and time savings.

Efficiency and Security

With FollowMe you have a constant overview of all competitors and members of the organizing team. Whether it’s bad weather, unclear signage or someone shortening the route. Knowing the current location increases the safety of participants and facilitates rescue operations. Thanks to GPS tracking, you can better respond to the current situation and manage the deployment of volunteers or photographers.

Visibility and Promotion

The live online broadcast multiplies the traffic to the plant’s website and is linked to social networks. The platform is adapted to the promotion of partners. The tracking page can be customized and adapted to the design of the plant’s website.

Do you have more questions about FollowMe? Check out the FAQ.

How are mobile and satellite trackers different and which one do I need?

The mobile tracker is dependent on the mobile signal, the satellite tracker works everywhere, even in places without a signal. Renting a mobile tracker is significantly cheaper, but satellite trackers offer much more. Our Garmin InReach mini 2 satellite trackers work as communicators – they allow you to send and receive messages via satellite, which is why they are a clear choice when traveling to remote locations. More about GPS trackers. [/wonder]

Do I have to have a mobile phone with me?

You don’t have to. Mobile and satellite trackers work separately. [/wonder]

Is it possible to navigate according to the tracker?

It is not possible to orientate yourself according to mobile trackers. These do not provide any location information to participants. They only transmit the position at regular intervals and it is displayed online on the map background. In contrast, satellite trackers enable navigation – you can navigate to specific coordinates, upload a route to them or communicate with the surroundings. Satellite trackers can do more. [/wonder]

What about the location of the GPS tracker?

As with any GPS device, direct visibility of the sky is important. We have several tried and trusted locations – on the battery strap, on the bike frame and more see. video. The tracker should not be placed in a backpack or otherwise covered. We provide accessories for proper attachment. [/wonder]

How do I set up the GPS tracker correctly?

No. Borrowed trackers do not need to be set up. All you have to do is turn them on. However, to send messages frequently through the satellite tracker, we recommend pairing it with your phone. Then messages can be written on a mobile phone and sent via satellite. Writing messages is thus faster and more convenient. [/wonder]

How long does the tracker battery last?

With an interval of sending the location every minute, the mobile tracker lasts over 60 hours (2.5 days), with a 2-minute interval 120 hours (5 days). By default, trackers are set to a 2-minute interval. The satellite tracker will last over 5 days in operation when sending the location every 10 minutes. Both types of trackers can be easily charged via USB-C. We also use them on monthly trips. We will fine-tune the optimal settings of the tracker with you when ordering. [/wonder]

Can I borrow a tracker for personal use even if I’m not running a race? Is it possible to buy a tracker and use the FollowMe service regularly?

Yes, both are not a problem. We rent and sell trackers to groups and individuals. When renting or purchasing a tracker, we will agree on customizing the service according to your needs. [/wonder]

How do I turn on the mobile tracker and how do I know it’s on?

On the top, the tracker has a button with a power switch symbol. You press and hold it for a long time until the tracker flashes (approx. 7s). The tracker is turned off by pressing the same button for a short time before the red light flashes (approx. 2s). Racers usually receive the tracker already switched on. If any light is on or flashing, the tracker is on. If nothing flashes or lights up, it’s off. [/wonder]

There are two buttons and three indicator lights on the mobile GPS tracker. What is it for?

The button with the switch symbol is used to turn the tracker on and off. The next button can have different functions, but it is disabled by default. The lights relate to battery (red), GPS (blue) and GSM signal (green). You don’t have to deal with them during the race. All you have to do is have the tracker on and properly positioned. [/wonder]