FollowMe GPS TRACKING AND TIMING is changing the world of demanding outdoor races and expeditions. We provide both mobile and satellite GPS trackers and can track and time even the largest events. We give the organizer complete control over the event. We know that online monitoring is a benefit for ensuring the safety and marketing of the event. Our domain is an advanced web application with unique map background.

GPS TRACKER is a small, light and durable device that reports competitor's position. We provide both satellite and mobile trackers. Compact dimensions, long battery life and the ability to send an emergency signal makes them ideal for use in demanding terrains. FollowMe can use own trackers.

ONLINE MAP shows the current positions of the competitors together with the marked route. Each participant has his racer card with his profile, split times, photo and links to his social networks. The map application allows you to go back in time, replay the entire race, or view the completed tracks of selected competitors.

LEADERBOARD is automatically evaluated based on information from trackers and chips. These can be filtered and sorted according to routes or categories, ranking on controls or the number of points scored. At the same time, the organizer has full control over the system. We can also evaluate stage and points races.



Follow the participants of the extreme race anywhere in the world. FollowMe is used in classic races, points races and stage races.

Adventure race

Complex scheme and demanding display. Different color for each discipline and team makes orientation easier and allows you to follow even the most complex races.

MTB & Bikepacking

From classic races lasting a few hours to those of thousands of kilometers. FollowMe can cover races of all lengths.


Challenging climbs and steep descents. FollowMe is a perfect for skimo races and brings the experience of the mountains to your living room.

Expeditions and projects

Are you planning an expedition, a charity project or have another idea? With FollowMe you will be visible.