Full power

FollowMe is designed as a lightweight service with minimum overhead, so that no additional hardware is needed and its operation can be carried out by one person in minimum time (handing and retrival of GPS trackers). This is ensured by three seamlessly integrated modules.

Online tracking

FollowMe enables online tracking of persons and teams on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Every competitor is equipped by a small device, that sends out information about its location to a server. These data are then shown on a map. The system uses Google Maps and supports loading of a track from a GPX file.
  • Real-time person and team tracking on an online map with high precision.
  • More disciplines distinguished by colors (running, MTB, cycling, kayaking,…)
  • More routes and their variations (např. shortening due to adverse weather)
  • Together with competitors’ location their track can be shown
  • Times at CPs are shown for clarity
  • Time of last update is shown


Unlimited number of virtual (automatic) control points can be placed on the online. These control automatically inform the system about most up-to-date ranking and actual dění on the course. When competitor passes a CP, system is notified by a GPS tracker, which is continuously sending information about its location.
  • Sorting based on ranking on any control point, split time and more criteria
  • Linear race as well as points race with free order
  • Results’ filtering based on courses, categories and status
  • Export of final results
  • Possibilities of time/point penalties, bonuses and compensations


FollowMe is managed completely over web interface, where the organizer has full control over the event. It is a comprehensive, yet simple system for event management from inscription up to final results. Automatic controls or results refresh can be fully set up in the event admin.
  • Stay on top of race type, courses, control points, disciplines, teams, categories and much more
  • Integrated inscription system makes race and tracker management easy
  • Course altering (shortening) options, control deactivation during the event
  • Wide possibilities of customization and integration – user logo, fonts, colors, API
  • Race results and split times – analyze, export or print
See the demo


Unmanned tracking unit has an integrated GPS chip receiving information about its location and GSM module sending these information over data connection to a server. Tracker needs a mobile signal for proper function. Thanks to its internal buffer it is not necessary to have it all the time. If the the device is temporarily out covered aread, stores the data for later and sends them as soon as the connection is re-established.
  • Tracker is a lightweight and durable device weighting only 65g
  • With 2minute update interval the batter lasts over 50 hours. In case of need the interval can be changed and/or external battery can be connected
  • Emergency button can be used to send text message to a predefined number and tracker’s location is shown on the map