Racer card

Team Norrskenarna

Race: Nordic Islands Adventure Race 2021
Track: NIAR24H
Category: NIAR24H
Order: 19
Moving time: 29 h 56 min
Standing time: 0

Racer times

Checkpoint Order Real time Split time
- Sa, 11:04:00 -
Rock 20 Sa, 13:28:25 02:24:25
Rock 17 Sa, 14:00:21 00:31:56
Cliff 17 Sa, 14:24:16 00:23:55
Small Island
Cliff 19 Sa, 16:52:25 02:28:09
Powerline pole
Kärrtorps IP
Point of penisula
Telephone tower
Top of ski lift pole
Powerline pole top of hill
Trail juction top of hill
Small Island
Trail junction
Small boat harbour
Dock in front of Grand hotel
Top of island
Beach / Kayak drop
Inside cave
East of lake
Next to trail by lake
Power line pole, top of hill
Trail junction
On top of hill
Overall results

Personal data

Name: Team Norrskenarna
Nationality: SE